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Kinnaree Decorate

Certain graphicdesign tasks address environmental / 3D design. In these cases , the designer has to consider the quality of meterials, the light situation, the existing interior design, the space etc. for their design solution.

For materials look for warm , soft and smooth , natural qualities, such as wood , ceramic , leaves, grass , silk and trees

Kinnaree Material

As mentioned above that kinnaree is a thai cuisine decorated in modern style. The concept is to mimic kinnaree habitat , which is full of nature . Our dining tables are mad of oak . Our plates are in lotus leaf shape . Some parts of the walls are decorated by carving wood in Bodhi leaf shape . All materials-wood , ceramics , rocks , and silk are carefully relected  to make everything well blended and meet our concepts .

Kinnaree Table Set

Another highlight of Kinnaree is our table settings that are very unique Our plates are in green lotus leaf shape with green napkins wrapped with ponk lotus on top of ot This brings the image of Kinnaree’s habitat


– Anodard pone where there is lots of lotus.

we are kinnaree

  • Concept
  • 3 different areas
  • Feeling
  • Model

Kinnaree is a thai cuisine decorated with thai modern style providing relaxing atmosphere. The restaurant name and décor are motivated by one of the aninal characters in thai literature-kinnaree that stays by anodard pond. The first encounter as guests walk in is nice landscaping with shades and pond at the front . Guests may stop at the front bar for refreshing cocktail before entering the restaurant to enjoy delicious food, relaxing music and conversation. To address the mis-conception of kinnaree brand please remember the following

Kinnaree concept is to offer an original thai food in modern style . The main colors inside the restaurant are red and gold blending with brown from oak in the background. There are several big , fresh , well-arranged bouquets throughout the restaurant , promoting natural and refreshing outlook . Soft music in the background enhances good atmosphere.

Kinnanee provides 3 different areas to please all guests. Dining area, Bar and Drinks and Terrace.

Dinning Area : Our menu offers several original Thai dishes . Guests will impress with warm welcoming atmosphere, friendly hostesses and relaxin music.

Bar and Drinks : Shades, pond and surrounding plants are inviting for more relaxtion and to enjoy drinks and company .

Terrace : More private area where ones can relax enjoy outdoor atmosph and open sky especially at nigh which is very romantic

The Feeling of kinnaree          

Kinnaree provides relaxing atmosphere. Guests can let go of worries or tension while they ar at kinnaree where we offer real happiness through all senses.

Staff uniforms are  specifically designed to match our entire concept . There are 2 main color-gold and red blouse or shirt while pand is in navy . Apron is in non-plain style . Fernale staff have their hair pulled up while male staff have short haircut.